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Dun Law windfarm


The Dun Law Extension Community Benefit Trust (informally known as the 'Dun Law Trust' or 'DLX Trust') administers the community funds provided by SPRUK to four neighbouring communities of their Dun Law Windfarm extension.  Grants are given by the Trust, using these funds, to enhance the quality of life in our communities. Here, amongst other items, you will be able to find information about;
• Dun Law extension community funds, and the Trust that administers them.
How you can apply for money from the fund.
• What can (and what cannot) be funded from the Trust.
Projects that have been funded from the Trust.

Next application deadline: 6th November 2020
Deadlines and Trust meetings 2020
PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid restrictions, in-person meetings are currently suspended and meetings are instead taking place online.

Submission deadline Meeting date Meeting venue
1st February 19th January Fala
24th April 13th May Oxton
21st August 9th September Heriot
6th November 25th November Humbie



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