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Applying to the Trust for funding.

Before applying for funding, please read the notes for completing the application form. We also suggest that you speak to either the Trust secretary or one of your local trustees for further guidance. 

Application forms
What cannot be funded
How much can I apply for?


Application forms

A copy of the application form can be downloaded here (pdf version) or here (Word form)



Applications are welcome from Individuals and groups living or working within the defined geographical limits of the Community Benefit Trust.  All applications must be in writing, either via paper application or via e-mail, on the application form. All applications must include a note of the following details:

Applicant’s name (individual or organisation)
Contact details (postal address, phone number and e-mail)
The purpose of the funding
The amount of funding requested
Other sources of funding and the proposed funding timetable.

Applications will be reviewed by the trustees on a regular basis. If, in the opinion of the trustees, the scale or the nature of an application requires further information to be submitted that will be requested.

All valid applications will be formally considered by the trustees on a quarterly basis and successful applicants will be notified shortly after the meeting. Payment will be by cheque.

The trustees will require financial accounts to show how the funds were spent; they may also request a written or graphic account of how the funds awarded have been used. The written or graphic accounts may be used to publicise the work of the trust.


Things that cannot be funded

There are a number of project areas that cannot be funded from the trust. Projects that are considered by the trustees to be the responsibility of local councils and the Government will generally not be supported.  Applications from schools and churches may be accepted, but they must demonstrate access and benefit to the wider community, not just pupils and worshippers. Generally you cannot apply for retrospective funding for items that have already been purchased or work that has already been done. 


How much can I apply for?

The Trust administers a total of £50,000 approx. per annum, and we wish to attract a wide range of applications from across all parts of the participating communities. All applications will be subject to a detailed application process. The Trust encourages applicants to investigate other funding sources in conjunction with any grant applicationto DLX, so as to maximise the effect of the Trust’s funds. The Trust has provided grants to funding groups in the four participating communities to facilitate small scale projects and applications for sums less than £500 should be submitted to the appropriate group in Fala, Heriot, Humbie or Oxton.

Failing to abide by the guidelines or to submit all of the required documents may result in your application being rejected or deferred to a later funding round.



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