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Dun Law windfarm

About the Trust

The Dun Law Extension Trust (DLX Trust) is a charitable trust (No. SC040730), established to administer the distribution of funds to the communities of Fala, Heriot, Humbie and Oxton & Channelkirk. It was established in 2009 to administer the funds provided by Scottish power (Renewables) UK Ltd, the owners of the Dun Law wind farm extension. SPRUK have an agreement with the Trust to provide the funds for as long as the Dun Law wind farm extension remains operational. The Trust is administered by 10 local trustees assisted by locally appointed officers.

The trust can “grant funding to any project which will improve the communities and environments” within the area of the participating communities. It can also “grant funding to any project which will support the education of and learning experience available to the residents” of the participating communities. The trustees may also “grant funding to any other initiative” that will benefit the participating communities.

The geographical limits of the participating communities are defined as the HumbieWard, East Lothian electorial ward 17/4; the Fala Ward, Midlothian electorial ward ML5I; Oxton& Channelkirk Community Council and Heriot Community Council, both in the Scottish Borders.


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Dun Law Trust. OSCR registered charity no. SC04073